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A welcome, and some foul language

January 13, 2007

Hi people (though I doubt anyone actually would read this as yet). This is Chris, the other half of the two for this soon-to-be amazing (or maybe not) blog. Here is a random entry from my xanga that I wrote…and I’m too lazy to write anything amazingly new for this blog.

Philosophical quandy of the day/week for me: what is profanity’s place in our langauge?

OK, most people are like “umm, none.” But hang on. First off, I want to distinguish from “vulgar” language and “strong” language (a distinction that I created). Vulgar language is like the F-word. Why say it? As my brother says, if you’re using it properly, you’re vulgar, and if you’re using improperly, you’re using it as shock-value filler (which, incidentally, isn’t very shocking when someone says it a LOT)

Strong language I consider words like damn, or hell. Can they be abused? Yes, and when they are, it cheapens the word (for example: damn is a very powerful word that means “to condemn to hell.” That’s not a very nice thing. Thus, when you misuse it and shout it in frustration, I think you’re twisting the use of the word, and cheapening its value. Same thing with Hell. It’s a very real place. Should you avoid saying the word, simply because it’s strong language? No! But, but, you should not use it flippantly to add flare to what you say. It’s a strong word, meant to be used for proper situations and proper subjects (i.e. the place that you don’t want to go to)

So, that’s my definition of vulgar and strong language. So here where the question comes in:

Which words are merely strong language, and have a proper place, and which don’t?

I don’t really have an answer…just a thought.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll have a good day, and that you live la vida loca (to the glory of Christ!)

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  1. January 15, 2007 5:26 pm

    I think we should REALLY examine the true profanity coming out of your mouth: that word “y’all”. You’re not from Texas. When that word slipped out of my mouth over Christmas vacation in the land of Texas, I had to repent in dust and ashes.

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