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24 ate my life

January 15, 2007

So, after kicking off this blog with a serious post, I’ve decided to drop the seriousness for a second.  First off, Brando, how do I add a catagory to this…I’m not exactly sure (but I think I should have a category called “24” because I’ll probably mention it occcansionally.

So now you know where this topic is going.  Up until last night, I had only watched the pilot of season 1 and 10 minutes of some random other season.  Last night Kiera went to hang out with some friends and watch the season 6 (it is season 6…right?) 2-hour premeire.  I was bored at home, so I decided to watch it.  Then Kiera and I watched the next 2 hours tonight.

I can officially say that 24 (or, at least, this season) will most likely eat my life.  And you know what?  I don’t feel bad about that.  I honestly haven’t watched almost any tv in a long time (including tv shows).  I used to watch 3 shows regularly, but eventually I lost interest and quit.  I must admit that this show is one of the most intriguing shows I have ever watched.  Yes, it has insane plot twists ripped straight out of today’s headlines.  And yes, it is realistic in the sense that all the things that happen could theoretically happen.

But then there’s Jack Bauer, who is basically Achillies, Oddesseus, and Aeneas all crammed into one character.  He’s smarter than Oddesseus, who could practically outsmart the gods, yet more invulnerable than Achillies.  In the first hour he’ll be tortured almost to death, and then he changes shirts and viola!  He’s all better.

This type of seemingly obvious flaw only really makes it more compelling, in a weird way.  We know that Jack has to save the day, because he has all 5 other days, and of course will do so again.  If he were not almots mythical in his prowess, then the show would become meaningless.

I was surprised with tonight’s ending, though. SPOILER WARNING:  They were trying to stop a nuclear bomb in a suitcase…and they got there before the guys could detonate it.  There was this scene of uncertainty where one character watches as the terrorist reaches for the swich, and then the screen goes white.  The bomb goes off, and thousands of imaginary people died.

The show ended, and the room was silent (except of course for the loud, obnoxious commercials) for at least 2 minutes.  Finally I looked at Kiera, and we both burst out laughing at the absurdity of us almost mourning the thousands of people on a tv show that were just depicted as dying.  This especially struck me when I realized that people were dying all over the world–many by injustice–yet I feel no grief for them, no mourning, because I am not there.  Leave it to 24, the show of insane impossibility coupled with stark reality to make me sad for characters that have no existence outside of a box and my mind!

That’s all I have today



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