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January 16, 2007

Ahhh, 24.  The show of craziness.  I have very limited experience with 24.  I watched a bit of season 4 until I missed a show, and knew immediately that I would be completely lost for the rest of the season, and I watched the tail end of a 24 marathon over my Christmas vacation at Grandma’s house (does a true 24 marathon last 24 hours? Hmmmm).  It was season 1, I think, in which President Allstate was still Senator Allstate (yes, <a href=”; mce_href=””>Dave Barry</a> has gotten to me, and I can only think of the first 24 president as President Allstate).  I watched the last few hours, and loved it.  Beware of spoilers down below, and at Mister Barry’s website.

 Bauer has one Achilles heel (continuing with the mythology imagery), really, at least in the first few seasons: his family.  He basically risks everything to save his daughter, and unexpectedly loses his wife.  This crushes him (understandably).  If his daughter is still alive, expect her to become involved at some point as standard blackmail.  If Jack has no family, then he’s invincible, because he’s not going to care if they are hurt (and probably wants revenge).  Chris may be better equipped to answer this question than I am.  Also, watch Chloe – she’s just cool and surly.  I’m surprised she doesn’t get fired, but then again, they always need the inside person to give Jack info when he’s at odds with CTU, the US Government, and various other entities.

The best part of all of this is that I get to enjoy 24 without watching it – Chris gets to waste all the time for me.  Thanks bro!

I leave you with this Dave Barry quote about the US government in 24 World:

UPDATE: Once again the United States government has no control whatsoever over the United States.

That pretty much sums it up.  If it weren’t for Jack Bauer, there wouldn’t be anything left of this country.

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