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Thoughts on “New Media”

February 13, 2007

I listen to the Al Mohler radio program during my commute daily. Today, he was talking about the new media landscape – with news coming on the Internet through all sorts of different means. How do we sort through it all? He suggested getting news from many different sources, bookmarking certain websites. I’d go a step further, suggesting RSS feeds and the like, although bookmarking sites is a great way to start.

I found Mohler’s suggestion to get multiple sources from many perspectives to be a great idea. You can’t trust one paper, newscast, or cable channel to give you the whole picture. One thing I would add is to make sure you aren’t isolating yourself with perspectives you agree with. It is far too easy to become isolated in a type of Christian, right wing (in my case) cocoon, in which you only hear stuff that you agree with and don’t get an accurate picture of what is really going on. I’ve found that only tuning into a certain perspective on issues tends to leave you isolated, unable to tell what is actually happening in culture. As an example, take the 2006 elections. Many conservatives were convinced that they could not lose, and gave ridiculous predictions of gaining seats in Congress. Why? Because they thought they knew the mood of the country, when they only knew the mood of the conservative media – which isn’t enough to let you know what is going on in this country – you need to be connected to all the trends.

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