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The Little Dude

April 15, 2007

At the intense behest of my brother, I decided to post.

So, I am the little brother.  What does this mean?  Well, first off, I could totally take him now (ok, so maybe it’d be a close fight).  So, the parallel between Christ and the church is compared to an older brother to a younger brother?  Ok. 

Before I make any other comments, however, I will first say that the Bible uses the covenant of marriage to speak on Christ’s relationship to the church far more frequently than the image of Christ being a big brother is used (look up Ephesians 5:22-33 for one such example).

However, I do think that the idea of Christ’s being a big brother is helpful to show some nuances of the relationship.

First off, one patently obvious thing about the big brother/little brother relationship is that the big brother goes before the little brother.  The big brother has experienced the parts of life that the little brother often has to wait to go through.  For example, my brother drove before I did, he shaved before I did, he went through puberty before I did, he went to college before I have, and he’s had a full-time job before I have.  This means that, when I consider colleges, I seek his input.  When I will think about a job offer, I will ask his advice, because he’s been through the job interview process.  This idea of the older brother going before the younger is an not found in the marriage picture, but it helps because, as the author of Hebrews points out, Christ can sympathize with us because He has been tempted in every way.  Even more strikingly, He has died before us, and is the firstborn from the dead (note the use of firstborn from the dead, which clearly implies that others will follow).  In this way, Christ has gone before us in a way that none of us have.  Much like an older brother, he can say “I’ve been there.  I’ve died, and I’ve risen.”  Now, it’s not exactly the same, because we are not atoning for the sins of the world (nor could we), but we will die, and those who have trusted Christ will rise from death, much in the same way Christ did.

This aspect is one completely unique to the image of a bigger brother.  Unlike protection, in which the husband (or Christ) is called to protect the wife (or the Church), the idea of Christ going before us is only found in the brother picture.

Most other aspects have already been covered by Brando, and I need to get some Latin homework done!

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