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David Waiting on God

April 28, 2007

One of the most exciting stories in the Bible is the Israelite king Saul’s pursuit of the future anointed king of Israel, David.  David is getting more and more fame in Israel, and Saul, who has already been told that he is going to be replaced as God’s anointed, begins growing jealous of David.  He attempts to kill David a few times, forcing David to go on the run.

Now imagine being David.  You have been told that you are to be the next king of Israel.  You have defeated a giant, and are praised by the people for being a champion.  However, your king’s jealousy is forcing you to go into hiding for your very life.  Most people in those circumstances would kill their pursuer if they got the chance.  After all, isn’t he the anointed of God?  Shouldn’t he be the king of Israel anyway?  It is obvious that Saul is living an unrighteous life, and does not honor God.  So shouldn’t he be dealt with?

David answers this question with a resounding “no!”  He refuses to kill Saul, and grows very angry with those who take life and death into their own hands later.  His idea seems to be “God has promised that I will be king, so I will leave the timing up to him.”  What amazing trust in God!  I know I am tempted to take circumstances into my own hands on a regular basis.  “Hasn’t God called me to something else?  Why should I wait before seizing this opportunity – it is there for the taking!”  However, I believe that God does not always call me to immediately seize an opportunity just because it is there.  I need to proceed cautiously, and see if there are good reasons to wait.  I also need to be patient if God closes doors that I think should be opened – he has a plan for this.  Just because God is calling me to something does not mean that I am to do it this instant – God may have good reasons for me to wait.  May I be patient with God’s plans for my life, especially when I feel he is going slowly.  God always has a reason, and that reason is for my good.

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  1. MikeQ permalink
    May 5, 2007 8:45 pm

    Wow. This is a timely post for me to read.
    I’m still waiting for the “right” job…

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