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We Built This City! We Built This City on Rock and Roll!

May 8, 2007

Hello from San Francisco!

First off, sorry about the extra post from Chris. I just got my laptop on an internet network, and am now sitting on a beanbag chair here at JavaOne.  Chris: I’ll get to a response to your post – this has bothered me for a while as well.  Just not right now.

I really don’t have any deep spiritual thoughts in my head, so here’s a few random observations from San Francisco!

1. Sea Lions are proof that God has a sense of humor. These ungraceful creatures (on land) are reduced to dragging their fat bodies by their flippers, making lots of noise, and fighting each other for little wooden platforms when there are plenty of empty ones for them to lounge on.

2. The San Francisco Giants fans are the coolest fans I’ve seen. There were a lot of them at the ballpark, and they get really into the game.

3. AT&T Park has no bullpen. Instead, they’ve set up two pitcher’s mounds and two home plates along the foul line on the playing field – like my Little League days!

4. Barry Bonds is huge. Everyone in San Fran likes him (except for the smattering of Mets fans who were in attendance). During one of his at bats, they played the Overture from Phantom of the Opera. That seemed strangely appropriate. Unfortunately, he never hit one out while I was there. Ahh, well.

5. I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life on a cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. That was cool. So was the size of the bridge – it is simply HUGE!

6. The country around here is gorgeous.

7. Alcatraz is really cool. I wasn’t on the island, but we sailed by it. The most hilarious thing about it is the two year Indian occupation of the place in the late 60s. Basically, a bunch of American Indians decided to live on Alcatraz, and ended up having to be dislodged. Even today, there are signs on the buildings scratched out by hand saying “Indians Welcome”. Very strange.

8. Fisherman’s Wharf is the place to be.

9. Finally, In-N-Out burger so deserved to beat McDonalds for a nationwide burger joint. They are cheaper, use fresher ingredients, and their burgers and fries are tasty. They even cut the fries daily, instead of warming them up from a frozen bag of pre-cut fries. So why did McDs have to spread nationwide, while In-N-Out is only out here in California?

10.  You have got to ride a San Francisco cable car before you die.  Its fun and a totally unique experience.

I’m here, but feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of this city (this is the way I always feel about New York City as well). This is high up on my list of places for a prospective honeymoon. The only disadvantage is that it gets cold around these parts – San Fran is one of our cooler cities, temperature wise. Still, winters aren’t snowy (which I would miss, actually), so its a great destination just about every time of year.

The only thing I have not experienced yet is the legendary San Francisco fog, so we’ll see how that goes.

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