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New Attitude – Some Observations

June 1, 2007

I recently attended the New Attitude conference in Louisville. I have gone to several of these events now, and they are always very helpful. Tim Challies live blogged the conference, and you can also find a good summary on the official New Attitude website. Here are some of my random observations from the conference.

1. Al Mohler is really funny. He did what was effectively a stand up routine at the start of his message, talking about cargo shorts.

2. The Courtesy Ninjas were really cool. Giving out free snacks (and breakfast) is a really cool thing to do. Also, the free Hummer limo ride which some people got was good stuff.

3. You get the coolest view of clouds from airplanes. Just imagine – traveling like this was unthinkable 100 years ago, and now we get these incredible views of the sky on a regular basis. Yet another way modern technology can point us to the splendor of God.

4. The music? Awesome.

5. John Piper is amazing – his passion for God’s glory is unmatched, and his message on what kinds of obedience don’t please God was extremely helpful.  I always need to be reminded that nothing I can present to God pleases him – only his Son’s obedience pleases God, and I will ever go deeper into debt to God’s grace.  That thought is awesome.

6.  Free Na Sermons!  Get your free Na Sermons!

7.  Thank God for times like this, which are so refreshing.

8.  Finally, I have not yet fully recovered from Na – I’m going to be sleeping a good long time tonight.

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