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Spurgeon Devotional

July 23, 2007

Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of the Nineteenth Century, wrote two devotionals that will help any believer in their Christian walk. These are Morning and Evening and The Chequebook of the Bank of Faith. Both of these have daily readings, and Morning and Evening has two daily readings – as you may figure from the title, one for the morning, and one for the evening.

These books are read over the course of a year. Each devotional has a Scripture at the top, which Spurgeon expounds upon for 3-4 paragraphs of God-centered commentary. He will often take the verse apart, word by word, and bring out the sweetness of the meaning of each one of these words. He excitedly points out the goodness of Scripture, and why we should believe the promises of God.

The main difference of these two books is that while Morning and Evening takes any Scripture, Chequebook focuses on the promises of God in particular – each day brings a new promise and Spurgeon, who excitedly shows you just how good this promise is.  Now imagine such a guide helping you read a Scripture each and every day for a year, and you can see why I like both of these devotionals.  While I am taking a break from them this year (my initial plan had been to find a new devotional, but that didn’t quite pan out), I plan to pick up Morning and Evening next year and again let Spurgeon guide me through the sweet promises of Scripture.

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