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Guidance and Christian Liberty

August 1, 2007

I recently finished the book Step by Step, by James C. Petty, about guidance and making decisions about the direction of your life.  One of the things I enjoyed about the book is the focus on finding God’s will in Scripture – that God has primarily revealed what he wants us to do in the Bible, and that is where we should seek our primary guidance.  Much too often, Christians get a “gut feeling”, and act to follow it, not taking any time to see if this gut feeling is in line with Scripture.

I think one of the things I learned from the book was the relationship between guidance and Christian liberty.  Petty basically argues that anything that doesn’t fall under the prohibition or command of God’s Word, or if it isn’t something you can apply the principles of God’s Word to, it falls in the realm of Christian liberty.  Thus, if God’s Word doesn’t directly apply, Christians have discretion about what decisions they make.  What an amazing privilege this is: God allows me to make decisions about my career, where I will live, and so forth.

There are two important things to remember about making decisions in areas that seem to be Christian liberty: first off, you must make sure that God’s Word doesn’t directly apply.  For example, it may seem at first glance that a career change is in the area of Christian liberty, but you may find upon further examination that one job will monopolize your time, and not allow you to participate in your church in the way that the Bible guides you to.  Secondly, we cannot be flippant about a choice just because it falls under the realm of Christian liberty.  We still need to pursue God in prayer and approach each decision in a careful, informed manner.  Thank God that he guides us into what is best for us, and that he allows us freedom to make informed decisions in which we apply God’s Word to our lives.

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  1. August 3, 2007 3:02 am

    I happened on to your blog when googling our family name. Very interesting. Particularly I enjoyed your boys article. I’m an educator who has raised two boys (and one girl) and totally understand where you’re coming from and what you’re saying. So true.

    Email us sometime. You must be related to have the same spelling.

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