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Pray for Iran

October 17, 2007

John McCain is praying that we don’t go to war with Iran.  I have to say, I agree with him.

In fact, I realize that I don’t pray for our nation enough, and that I don’t pray for world events enough.  I did (and continue to) pray for those in Burma with the recent protests, but I often forget that God is powerful, and is in control over world events.  They seem so big to me, and I assume that nothing can be done about them – but then I remember God and his ability to shape the world as he pleases.

So while a war with Iran may serve God’s purposes in a way I do not understand, I join John McCain in prayer that this war will not come to pass.  I pray that God will change the government of China, of Cuba, and other governments around the world that oppress their people and persecute the church.  I will pray for North Korea, both that they will not develop nuclear weapons and that their government will change, allowing Christians to practice their faith openly there.

(Via Poliblog)

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