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Super Bowl XLII

February 2, 2008

Super Bowl XLII is tomorrow.  The New York Giants will face the New England Patriots.  The Patriots will be going for the second ever undefeated season in NFL history, at least in the Super Bowl Era (which is, as noted above, XLII years old).  They would be the first to do this in a 16 game season.

One of my favorite Christian teachers, C.J. Mahaney, has some tips for the game.  I particularly like the remote tip, but he even has a tip for the New York Giants in their bid to upset the New England Patriots:

Here’s a recommendation for the Giants defensive coordinator: Just once, rush all eleven guys! Tell all eleven to blitz and make loud, frightening noises as they rush towards Brady. We’ll call this “C.J.’s special blitz package.” (Growing up I found this defensive approach to be very effective in our backyard pickup games.)

The less-risky version of this package includes rushing ten guys and leaving one back for coverage.

Its so crazy, it just might work!  I would seriously love to see this attempted by any team.  It has the potential to absolutely shock the offense, and shows the defense to be crazy, which comes in handy when trying to strike fear in the heart of the quarterback.

I really don’t have a preference for either team, but hope it ends up being a good game.   It is all too typical for the game to end up like this:

First, let me make clear the Super Bowl is the most overrated sporting event in the history of all sports dating back to the very first Olympics. The NFL thinks so highly of itself, the Super Bowl is assigned Roman numerals.

Yet despite the hype, year after year this game rarely delivers. With few exceptions, most of these games are neither exciting nor memorable (unless your team is participating). And so tomorrow we must collectively endure yet another Super Bowl.

For me, the only good thing about the Super Bowl is that it means MARCH MADNESS is fast approaching! Don’t get me started on March Madness and college basketball, because year after year college basketball always delivers.

I’m not quite that cynical about it, but I do agree that most games aren’t exciting or memorable.  Plus, some the commercials are immoral, trying to get me to sin, so it is hard to totally enjoy them, because part of you dreads the moment when something is going to come out and tempt you to sin.  (The part of you that likes it is despised by the part that hates it, setting up that internal battle that you must fight, but would like to live without.)

Anyway, enjoy the game, and read C.J.’s post.  And hope against hope they employ that blitz package.

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