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Party Lines?!?!

February 15, 2008

The House Judiciary Committee just had hearings with Roger Clemens and his trainer, Brian McNamee, to see if they could determine anything about whether or not Roger Clemens used steroids.  Now I am not a fan of Congress inserting itself into baseball’s affairs – I think they have far better things to do with their time and budget.  However, since it was going to happen, I figured I would follow it, because after all, it is going to affect a sport I enjoy.  Beforehand, I figured that this would be a time in Washington where if there was a split, it wouldn’t be over party.  Surely, the honorable representatives could unite over this – the quest to figure out who was telling the truth of these two – and ask both tough questions.

Well, maybe not.  It seems the Republicans concentrated on trashing McNamee while the Democrats tore into Clemens.  Now from what I’ve seen of the hearings, it would seem that Clemens deserved most of this, but regardless: even baseball hearings split across PARTY LINES now?!?  I am not a fan of this new strain of hyper partisanship, where you split on issues that have no policy significance over party lines.  I think that genuine debate, in which you respectfully disagree with your opponent, sadly seems to have gone by the wayside.  This arrogance, which I am prone to myself, concerns me – the ability to automatically assume that because you typically disagree with someone, they are always wrong and can never be right about anything is simply pride bubbling up in our hearts.

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