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Your Home is Your Castle

April 19, 2008

I have many fond memories of my Grandpa on my Mom’s side.  We saw him once or twice per year, and one of the distinct memories I have of him is his sitting on his porch on most nights for about an hour, enjoying the evening and saying hello to whoever happened to be walking by.  Their porch wasn’t very big, and was back from the road a ways, but he still enjoyed talking with everyone.

These days, there is a definite trend away from this friendliness.  Houses rarely seem to have porches big enough to sit on anymore.  People tend to arrive home from work, and they go inside their house and don’t emerge again until the next day.

This tends to extend from the individualism of our American culture.  I think that most of us simply do not want to deal with others, so we go inside and lock the doors.  Communities have become more and more insular as more people have stayed inside their self made fortress, complete with fenced in backyard.  

I believe that we should be focused on others – to follow the Biblical command to love our neighbor as ourselves- to reach our neighbors with the Gospel of grace.  We should work to be engaged in our communities.  I must admit, I am not very good at this.  I am working to change that, by God’s grace.

One of the things I hope to do is to reach out to this around where I currently work on a military base.  And another thing I hope to do is to buy my own house someday, and be a visible member of that community.

Hopefully, it will be a house with a porch. 

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