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Praise God for Rain

April 21, 2008

Sunday dawned, grey, wet, and cold this week.  The rain continued throughout the day, which drove me indoors and tempted me to grumble about the day: how jarring it was compared to the last few days, and how much I missed the beautiful weather.

However, I had to remember that God brings the rain.  The earth needs it.  Maryland has been through a drought, and can use all the rain we can get.  So my attitude is changed from a heart of grumbling to one of thankfulness.  We can already see the fruit of the rain over the past few months: this spring has been the greenest, most beautiful in the last few years.

This, of course, brings on my allergies, but then I can be thankful for modern medicine, which allows me to go about my day without my eye getting really red and puffy, as has happened in the past.

So while I’d rather it be sunny out, I praise God for the needed rain, knowing that it will help keep the land watered and make God’s creation more beautiful.

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