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The Shallowness of Evangelical Culture

May 9, 2008

I’ve seen quite a few reviews of Rapture Ready, the book on Christian subculture by Daniel Radosh.  The one on Boundless captured the balance well, and the Slate review had a line that caught my attention:

For faith, the results can be dangerous. A young Christian can get the idea that her religion is a tinny, desperate thing that can’t compete with the secular culture.

This is probably my biggest problem with the whole Christian subculture.  Here we are, serving the God who created the universe, and the best we can come up with is rip-off t-shirts and bad music?  It seems to me that a lot of Christian subculture tends to encourage knock-off products, because they are easy to produce.  The Christian music industry is known for turning down artists who have a different sound, where I believe that they should embrace people trying to make good music.  

God calls us to excellence in all we do.  Why is it that much Christian music seems so cheap, as if the artist put in the minimum work to sound like the current secular culture and then stopped trying to make music that stood out?  Where are the Christians trying to make the modern day equivalent of Bach or Van Gough?  I hope and pray that more Christians would penetrate the arts, and would show off their talents for the glory of God to the wider world instead of writing to please the fenced off Christian community alone.

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