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The Torch and Pot

May 13, 2008

The man awoke.  It was now dark.  It took him a moment to collect himself.  Where was he?  What was going on?  Then, he caught sight of a light out of the corner of his eye.

He turned to look, and saw a torch and a fire pot moving in a straight line between the animals he had earlier cut in half.  Then, he heard the voice of the Lord, confirming the covenant he was making with Abram.

One of the amazing things about this picture from Genesis 15 is the fact that Abram does not appear to go through the sacrificial animals.  It was the custom for both sides making the covenant to walk between the animals that had been cut in two.  It was a way of saying “if I break this covenant, cut me in two like these animals”.  God’s sealing of the covenant by himself is a symbol of what is yet to come.  Jesus came to earth to be put to death, to suffer the punishment for our failure to keep God’s covenant.  This amazing God has died for our trespasses, and all we can do in response is rejoice.  

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