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Following God When We Don’t Know Where We’re Going

May 16, 2008

In C.S. Lewis’ book Prince Caspian, there is one point where Lucy, the youngest girl of the four children, meets Aslan.  The Great Lion tells her that she must follow him where he leads, and she must bring the others with her, or go alone.  The others cannot see Aslan as Lucy can, and this causes much debate between the children before they agree to follow her.

This is the situation we can often feel like we are in – going forward, following God, but not sure where we are going.  We may not even see him, but feel like we are following our friends, who we may not feel are as qualified as we are.  It can be very frustrating during these times – you feel alone, even though you know you are going somewhere.

Fortunately, God does not leave us like this forever.  He eventually reveals himself to the entire party, and they realize he knows exactly where he is taking them.  Likewise, we will not be unable to see forever – someday, I believe we will understand every strange turn our lives have taken.  Until then, we can trust that God knows where he is taking us.  

Another interesting aspect of this story is how the youngest is commissioned to lead them.  Had Peter been asked to lead, everyone would have followed.  However, God often uses the meek, the lowly to do his purposes.  Lucy is younger, but her faith is strong, and she knows what she must do.  Likewise, God may call us to lead when we don’t feel qualified, and may put us in charge of a group of people who we look up to.  Likewise, he may call us to follow those who are younger than us, and who don’t seem at first glance to be as impressive as we are.  We are called to follow him, no matter what the task.  He will give us the grace to lead and follow if we put our trust in him, no matter who is chosen to carry out his plan.  Our confidence is not in the people in charge, but in the God who is sovereign over all things.

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  1. Dad permalink
    May 18, 2008 12:48 am

    Even when we are not wanting to follow the Lord and do not see what He has in store for us, His plan is perfect for us. After we have finished the journey he has taken us on, we then see what he was doing in our lives.

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