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Heaven – No More Relational Risks

June 14, 2008

I don’t believe we will ever fully realize what is in store for us in Heaven.  I think that it will completely astound and amaze us.  We, who have only known fallen humanity, will be delightfully surprised at that place God has prepared for us.

One of the amazing benefits I have been thinking about recently is how there will be no need to be afraid of other people.  When we meet a new person, we are often apprehensive, especially if we are meeting them for the first time outside of our circle of people we know and trust.  We have a suspicion that people around us are not always interested in our well being.  Every one of us has been hurt in a relationship, even if it was a small, easily paved over manner.

This will not be the case in Heaven!  We will be able to fully trust everyone we meet!  There will be no more hiding from others.  We will be able to fully trust anyone we meet, which will be an amazing experience that no one here has ever had.  We shall be able to fellowship together in a way not known to us before, which I look forward to.  If we lose things in Heaven, which is something that I will do if it is remotely possible, we will never have to worry about it being stolen by some random passer by.  I look forward to the day when I can dwell where there is no sin in my own life and in the lives of everyone around me.  We will experience depths of fellowship unknown to our current existence, with one another and with Jesus himself.  What a Savior! 

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