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Job – A Mediator

July 9, 2008

The Bible is full of mediators if you start looking for them.  These are people who speak to God on the behalf of others.

The Biblical character Job is associated with intense suffering and pain.  While this is the most important part of his story, there are other themes in the book of Job as well.  One of them is Job’s capacity as a mediator, which we see both before and after the central crisis of the book.

Beforehand, Job prays for his children and makes sacrifices on their behalf.  Job assumes the role of mediator on behalf of his children, interceding to God for them.  He even sacrifices for them, giving an offering to God on behalf of their sin.  This is a foreshadowing of Christ, who was our the sacrifice for our sin.  Just as Job loved his children, and was delighted to make sacrifices on their behalf, so God loves us, and was happy to offer his Son for us.

At the end of the book, God asks Job’s friends, who had assumed wrong things about God, to get Job to make a sacrifice on their behalf.  Here, we see people who have sinned being asked to offer their sacrifices to God through a mediator.  This is a powerful picture of what is to come.  We do not come straight to God, but we come to him through the mediating efforts of Christ Jesus.  Only with Christ pleading his sacrifice for us do we get to stand before the Father forgiven.  What an amazing God – to give us a way to stand before him!  Our God has asked us to go to Christ to seek forgiveness, as he asked Job’s friends to go to Job to seek forgiveness.  In both cases, he heard their cries on the basis of Christ’s sacrifice.  May we praise God today for his mediating grace in our lives – to appoint someone to seek God on our behalf!

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