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Awesome Road Name of the Day

July 21, 2008

On my way home from Lancaster for my brother’s graduation party, I took a different way home than usual.  This way was more direct than my other two ways, one which involves driving around Baltimore to the beginning of I-70, and the other which has me overshoot my house only to drive back to it once I get to Frederick.  So, I took a way down through Hanover, PA.  Besides my discovery of a place selling gas for $3.79 a gallon, which I took full advantage of, I also found the best road name ever.

Random Ridge Road.

I so want to live on that road.  I have so many questions.  Does the ridge just randomly appear out of nowhere?  Did whoever name it keep referring to the ridge as “you know, that random ridge up there”?  Does the ridge move randomly?  Why on earth does it have that name?  Too bad its no where near work, church, or parents.  Oh, well.

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