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May He Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire

September 11, 2008

May he grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfill all your plans! (Psalm 20:4)

This really hit me yesterday.  God is being asked to fulfill our heart’s desires.  The fact that this can even be asked is amazing mercy!  

This doesn’t guarantee that God fulfills our heart’s desires, but it does imply that it is right to ask – that we shouldn’t shy away from asking God for the desires of our heart.  Do you want to buy a house?  Ask God!  Do you want to be married?  Bring that up to God in prayer.  Do you desire for your children to grow up to be godly men and women?  Seek the Lord.  I believe that we too often assume “well, I don’t have this thing, but it would be wrong to ask God.”  No!  It is never wrong to ask God for something you desire, provided that it is not a sinful desire.  Sometimes, if it is wrong, or something God does not want for you, asking him is the means by which you come to terms with that reality.  So ask God for what your heart desires, all while praying that your desires would be more conformed with his.

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