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Quill and Nail?

I’m sure many are wondering about the name of this blog. What is the Quill and Nail, anyway? Sounds like an English tavern (and in fact, if I ever owned an English tavern, I’d probably call it the Quill and Nail).

The name comes from an old Puritan practice. During the age of the Puritans, church services were very lengthy, and like today, people would often nod off during the sermon. The Puritans had a solution for this problem: someone would walk the aisles, carrying a feather and a nail. If a lady was falling asleep, they would tickle her face with the feather to awaken her. The men didn’t get off so easily – they would get pricked with the nail if they were unable to stay awake. I made the decision to call the feather a quill – after all, a quill is a feather, and probably the best type of feather to attach a nail to.

My brother Chris and I hope to provide that subtle prick or tickle, if needed – to point you toward God, his word, his gospel, and his glory. We hope our discussions and debates help you to see God for who he is, just as we hope that writing about our thoughts helps to sharpen our love and affection for our God.


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  1. May 23, 2008 1:42 am

    You could also say it has a double meaning of you are writing (quill) stuff related to the gospel (nail in Jesus’ hand).

    Saw you on Josh Harris’ blog in the Reepicheep contest. Good stuff!

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